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SEMpdx’s SearchFest 2011 in Portland, Plan now for Early Bird Rates and Discounts

Snow & Icicles Winter 2010

Buuurrrah! It’s that time of the year again. The cold has come, the days are short, and Search Marketers around the web are starting to plan breaks from their winter isolation/hibernation. What are your plans?

We’ll if you are looking for a getaway where Ice Fishing is not an option, being a foodie is expected, and Search Engine Marketing is a featured event, then I’ve got just the thing for you!

SEMpdx’s SearchFest 2011
Feb. 23 in Portland, OR

Member of SEMPDX
The great organizers at SearchFest have been kind enough to offer the Minnesota Search Engine Marketing Association a 10% member discount in order to attend this search marketing conference on Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011 in Portland, Oregon.

SearchFest 2010 was Great

I attended SearchFest 2010 and can personally attest to the quality of last year’s Sessions and Speakers. The Governor Hotel provided as a great location that was more intimate than other Search Conferences and you didn’t have to ramble through endless hallways to get from session to session. This year’s Agenda and Speaker Selection seems to hint that they’ve decided to take things up another notch.

I’ll be heading out to Portland to attend SearchFest and I’d love to see you there. Having lived in Portland before, I can give you the inside scoop on what this city is known for, including its food and beer scene.

Just in case you need them, here are…

17 Reasons to Attend SEMpdx’s SearchFest 2011

  1. Foodie Heaven – This Time Article about the Portland food scene will make your mouth water.
  2. Micro-brew Capital of the World – “Mmmm, Beer.” ~ Homer Simpson
  3. Local University Pre-Event Workshop on Feb, 22nd – If you’ve missed it before, make sure to add this Local SEM Workshop to your trip.
  4. Food Carts, Food Carts and more Food CartsFood Carts are to Portland what Hot Dog Stands are to New York.
  5. Skiing & Snowboarding on Mt. Hood – Try skiing by starlight at America’s Largest Night Ski Area.
  6. Voodoo Donuts – You might have seen them on TV, now try the real thing. And if you need a 2nd opinion: “Mmmm, Doughnuts.” ~ Homer Simpson
  7. Powell’s Books – You really can’t go wrong at the worlds largest independent used and new bookstore.
  8. Shopping with NO sales tax – It’s hard to believe, but this is one of the few remaining sales tax havens in the US.
  9. OMI Search and Social Workshop Post-Event on Feb, 24th – Stick around another day and immerse yourself in more search knowledge and learning.
  10. Visit the Largest City Park in the US: Washington Park – And you probably thought Central Park was the biggest.
  11. Visit the Smallest City Park in the US: Mill Ends Park – Yes, they’re both in Portland. Think they planned it that way?
  12. February Here vs. February There – This one really should not need any further explanation.
  13. Wine tasting of award winning Pinots at nearby wineries & vineyards – Oregon produces some of the best Pinot Noirs in the world.
  14. Save 10% on Conference Registration – Did I mention using the discount code will save you $25 or more?
  15. If you like basketball, on Feb 23 the Portland Trailblazers play the Los Angeles Lakers – The game is at the Rose Garden in Portland and starts at 7:30 PM.
  16. Take a scenic drive up the Columbia River Gorge – Make sure to visit Multnomah Falls Lodge, where you’ll find the 2nd tallest year-round waterfall in the US.
  17. The Oregon Coast is only 2 hours away – You can rent a car and be at the Pacific Ocean is under 2 hours hunting for sand dollars.

Hope to see you in February!

Share your thoughts on SEMpdx SearchFest 2011 in Portland.Are you attending or interested in SEMpdx’s SearchFest 2011 in Portland? Let us know below.

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