Technical SEO

Build a Successful SEO Strategy
With Technical SEO

Although important, onsite SEO in the form of high-quality content and optimized website elements can only take you so far. You need to optimize your website from the front end to the back end. To truly boost your website’s rank in search, you must take advantage of technical SEO.

Technical SEO Is the Foundation of Your Website SEO Strategy

Technical SEO is the foundation of your SEO strategy. It’s the process of improving the more technical elements of your website to better rank in search. Some of the most important factors of a technically optimized site include:

Page Speed

Your website must load fast. Google will only prioritize sites that offer a solid experience, which means a slow website will send you further down in rank.


Search engines use robots to crawl your website to better understand it. Technical SEO helps improve the crawlability of your website via internal links, content blocks and more. For example, you can give these robots directions to point them towards which content on your website is most important.

Zero Duplicate Content

Any confusion on your website will stop a robot in its tracks. This means you must remove any duplicate content from your website. While most SEOs look for duplicate content on the page, some show up in the more technical back-end of a website. Technical SEO involves discovering this content and removing it.

Other critical elements your website must have for true optimization include an XML sitemap and structured data. All of this is made possible through technical SEO.

Don’t Try to Technically Optimize Your Website Alone

Technical SEO isn’t easy. In fact, it takes experience to be able to do correctly. Any mistake in your technical SEO can greatly damage your rank. Unfortunately, some mistakes are hard to come back from and may take time (and additional funds) to resolve.

It’s important to do technical SEO right the first time. WebRanking can help. We have years of experience in technical and onsite SEO. We’ll help you build your rank using results-driven processes and industry expertise. Plus, we’ll use analytics and data to ensure we’re getting the results you want.

Technical SEO Isn’t Easy. Reach Out to the Professionals at WebRanking

Whether you’re a small business who wants to show up in search or a marketing team trying to improve your company’s reach, we can help. Let us help you build an SEO strategy that gets results. To learn more about Technical SEO, give us a call today!