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Search Marketing Company in Portland & Minneapolis

WebRanking, a division of Locology L.L.C., is an Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company with offices in Portland, Oregon and Minneapolis, Minnesota. WebRanking was founded in the spring of 1998 with the vision of providing high quality internet marketing services founded in trust, integrity and solid business ethics.

Portland, OR Office

Minneapolis, MN Office


Over the years, we have seen the internet transform in many ways, with search engines pioneers like Alta Vista, Excite, Infoseek & Northern Light laying the groundwork for the emergence of Google, today’s current heavy hitter. Things have certainly changed since 1998, as we see Paid Search, Blogs and Social Media Sites like Facebook, Digg and Twitter begin to establish themselves as viable and profitable online marketing options. As new Search Engine Marketing (SEM) opportunities become available, we are dedicated to embracing these changes and adapting our services to them, while still providing comprehensive and results oriented online marketing campaigns for our clients.

We understand the challenges and dreams of the Internet community and continue to look for new and innovative ways to address and fulfill the needs of our valued clients.

We look forward to helping you succeed!


Management Team

Tony Svoboda – CFO / Founder
22 years of SEO industry experience

Tony SvobodaTony is the Founder and CFO of Locology L.L.C. and WebRanking.com. Since January 1998, Tony has been the driving force behind the vision and direction of WebRanking.com. Responsible for the development of the company’s corporate strategy and overseeing its finances, Tony still finds time to take an active role in the day to day operations of the company, while continuing to look for new ways to offer clients world class services and programs at affordable prices.

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James Svoboda – CEO / Managing Partner
20 years of SEO experience

James SvobodaJames is a Partner and the CEO for WebRanking.com and has been with the company since April 1999. James is responsible for designing custom search engine placement solutions, technology, research and maintenance, search engine analysis and overseeing all web design and development. He can be credited with developing the processes that are currently employed in both the Search Engine Optimization and Marketing programs. The success of these programs has made James an invaluable asset to the company.

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Chris Lister – Senior Director of Development
18 years of industry experience

Chris ListerChris is the Senior Director of Development for WebRanking, joining the company in March of 2002. Chris brings within him extensive experience in marketing, sales and communications. He is responsible for new business acquisitions, project consultation, client services along with overseeing the campaigns of several of WebRanking’s largest accounts. Chris also directly provides clients with Search Engine Optimization, Content Strategy, Social Media Consulting and Social Media Advertising services.

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Paul Kragthorpe – Director of Technology
14 years of industry experience

Paul KragthorpePaul is the Director of Technology for WebRanking.com. Paul has done work with WebRanking.com / Locology LLC. since May 2005, and started full-time as Search Manager in April 2011 at our satellite branch in Eden Prairie, MN. Promoted to Director of Technology in April 2014, Paul is responsible for project management, preparing monthly reports for clients, keyword research, keyword analysis for content planning, onsite SEO, managing Google Analytics, researching negative keywords, search query analysis, pay-per-click campaigns, web development, and managing social media outlets.

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Paul Kragthorpe Sr. – Link Manager
8 years of industry experience

Paul Kragthorpe SrPaul is responsible for managing all of our link and citation building efforts.




Giving Back

WebRanking likes to give back to the community. We share our knowledge with others in the industry through our blog. We give toys to those in need. We believe in the power of people helping people.

Toy Donation from our Minneapolis office

Toy Donation from our Portland office



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