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WebRanking’s 8th Annual Holiday Toy Drive

That’s a Wrap! WebRanking’s 8th Annual Toy Drive

2019 WebRanking Holiday Toy Drive

Since 2012, WebRanking has happily participated in the Toys for Tots annual toy drive. This year was our 8th annual visit to our favorite toy stores, where we bought bags full of toys to gift to children in need.

Two Separate Shopping Sprees, One Joyous Outcome

Our team here at WebRanking is split between offices in Portland, OR, and Minneapolis, MN. Even though we shopped separately, together we had an incredible time gathering up toys, games, board games, plush animals, electronics and more!

James Svoboda (CEO and managing partner) once again visited his family’s favorite toy store in Chanhassen, Minnesota: ABC & Toy Zone. But this year he extended the shopping to include his family! His wife Amy and two children, Naria and Jamison, offered special insights into the right toys to buy for kids of all ages.

James and his family then took all the gifts they purchased and donated them to Toys for Tots.

Cheers from WebRanking!


About Toys for Tots

The U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program began back in 1947 as a small organization dedicated to delivering gifts to children in need. The program has since expanded to cover That year, the program donated 5,000 toys. In 2018, the organization and its volunteers distributed 18.5 million toys. These toys went to children across all 50 states, as well as the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.


Chris and Tony Give Away Bags of Toys!

Oodles 4 Kids in Oregon

In Oregon, Tony Svoboda (CFO and founder) and Chris Lister (Senior Director of Development) visited their local favorite, Oodles 4 Kids, which is located in Sellwood. Together, they grabbed toys for young kids. But they focused a lot on goodies for pre-teens and teens, knowing these children often get overlooked when it comes to donations. And Oodles for Kids delivers on it all!

“Carolyn, the owner of Oodles for Kids, is very selective with what she carries in her store and always has some of the newest, coolest and most unique toys you can find,” says Chris. “She also shows us her favorites, which almost always end up in our bags of toys.”

Tony and Chris donated the gifts they purchased to Toy & Joy Makers.

About Toy & Joy Makers

Toy & Joy Makers of Portland Fire & Rescue has been serving children and their families for over 100 years. Established in 1914, Toy & Joy Makers focuses on bringing the spirit of the holiday season to low-income families. In 2018, they gave nearly 79,500 toys to nearly 20,000 children in the Portland area.

WebRanking has dedicated its toy drive efforts to Toy & Joy Makers specifically due to Chris Lister’s own experiences with the organization. His father was a firefighter for 30 years, so Chris grew up volunteering and helping sort and pick out the toys for several years. Continuing this great work brings great joy to Chris and the rest of the WebRanking team.


Holiday Traditions That Make an Impact

Our annual toy drive is a holiday tradition that we absolutely love. We can’t wait to do it again next year!

We also encourage you to take a moment to consider how you give to those who are less fortunate than you. What steps can you take, big or small, to make a positive impact on another human being? The holiday season is about giving…but it’s not the toy or clothing item or the latest gadget that matters. It’s the gift of bringing joy and light into another’s life.

We hope you find and share joy this holiday season and that you have a very happy New Year!


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