Landing Page Development

Convert More Website Visitors With
Landing Page Development

When a potential lead clicks on your PPC ad, where do they go? They should land on a dedicated landing page, where you use copy and a call-to-action to seal the deal.

What Is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a page on your website your visitor lands on after clicking your PPC ad or search engine result. Effective landing pages are developed to match the language found within your PPC ad. It’s used only to convert visitors into leads, taking them through the last step of the process.

Landing pages will typically include high-quality sales copy and a potent call-to-action (CTA) to inspire your visitor to reach out to you.

Landing Pages: A Critical Component to Any PPC Campaign

There’s power in the landing page. Businesses see a 55% increase in leads when they have 10 to 15 landing pages on their website. Why? They take the guesswork out of the buying process. Instead of sending your customer to your Home page and making them figure out the next step alone, you can send them to a targeted landing page and guide them towards a specific action.

Our Landing Page Development Services

WebRanking offers data-driven landing page development services to help you boost your conversion rates. We can build your landing page from the ground up, including set-up, design and copywriting. Plus, we use analytics and measurement techniques to optimize landing pages and turn them into lead-capturing machines. Our landing page development services include:

Onsite SEO
Content Development
Analytics & Measurement
Calls to Action

WebRanking brings over a decade of industry experience to the table. We know how to build successful PPC campaigns from ad to landing page that generate business-building leads. Plus, we do so while remaining aware of your bottom line.

Struggling With Landing Page Development? Let Us Help.

Landing page development isn’t easy. It takes work to create pages that speak to your audience in a way that inspires them to act. Yet, you don’t have to work through development alone. Allow the team at WebRanking to help. To learn more about landing page development, give us a call today!