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Your rank in search greatly affects how many visitors find your website online. No matter if your business is small or large, local or nationwide, search rank matters. One of the methods we use to improve your website’s rank is link and citation building.

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Why Link & Citation Building?

Inbound Links

A major factor in your search engine rank is how many quality links point back to your website from other website. Search engines, including Google, reward websites that have earned high-quality inbound links by bumping their rank.


Why? The more links you have pointing to your website, the more valuable others find your content. And that’s a key clue to Google that your website deserves to be front and center.


Citations are business listings on websites that include your NAP information: Name, address and phone number. They may feature links to your website or social media profiles and are commonly found on Google My Business, Facebook, Yelp and more. Placing correct citations across various platforms can help boost your visibility and increase your rank in search.

Increase Your Reach With Our Link Building & Citation Services

Because inbound links and citations are such important factors in rank, you should include them inside your digital marketing strategy. This involves much more than simply asking other businesses or websites to trade links. Search engines know better now. You need a more sophisticated approach.


WebRanking uses proven link and citation building strategies to increase one-way inbound links to your website to establish authority and help improve your reach. Our services include:

Link Building

In its most basic form, link building is acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your own. For example, another blog may link to one of your blog posts or website pages for more information. We use proven strategies to acquire these links on your behalf.

Link Sculpting

Link sculpting involves placing more value on target pages throughout your website. We do so by manipulating link weight, which consists of total links on a page, anchor text and other factors. Through link sculpting, we can point visitors to specific pages on your website that mean the most to your target audience.

Internal Link Audits

Do all the links on your website work properly? Are there links that are hurting your rank? Through our link audits, we can answer these questions and more to improve your website’s link structure.

External Inbound Link Audits

Does your website have too inbound links from spammy, toxic or extremely low quality websites that may be penalizing or reducing your ranking potential in Google? We can review your backlink profile and Disavow any that we think might be harming your backlink profile in Google.

Citation Review, Clean-Up & Generation

When it comes to citations, consistency is key. Our team uses industry know-how and tech tools to find, fix and create citations for your business. It’s important to Google that your business have both volume and consistent business citations.


Start Building Your Rank the Right Way With WebRanking

There are many rank-boosting strategies out there that simply don’t work. Indeed, many of these strategies can negatively impact your website. WebRanking offers data-driven and proven strategies to help you build your rank the right way. To learn more about link building, give us a call at 1-877-550-4487 or send us a message.

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