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Increasing Conversions Through Landing Page Copy & Messaging [CRO Chat Streamcap]

CRO Chat - Increasing Conversions Through Landing Page Copy and MessagingOur latest #CROchat was another great one where the topic and question set covered “Increasing Conversions Through Landing Page Copy & Messaging.” The following is the transcribed Streamcap from the live chat:

Q1: How do you approach initial landing page copy & messaging to ensure conversions do not fall flat at the beginning of a campaign?

  • I initially tailor messaging and page copy for audience segment. Often that means having multiple pages of copy for a campaign.
    James Svoboda (@Realicity)         
  • We look at previous campaigns and analyze the copy used. If target demo & traffic is similar we write in a similar fashion.
    WhichTestWon (@WhichTestWon)         
    • It’s almost like a 2nd test on an existing test.
      James Svoboda         
    • You can always ramp up the traffic to your test page as you go.
      Bobby Hewitt         
      • Great point. I just wanted to keep stat significance on people’s minds when they are splitting at that rate.
  • Start with best practices then test from there! CTA, simple (functioning) form, messaging that aligns with the ad copy.
    Tracy Henry (@tracy_a_henry)         
  • Highlighting benefits and features within the copy, as well as a clear and leading call-to-action, is a must.
    James Svoboda         
  • I like to focus on the page layout and benefit oriented copy.
    Justin Rondeau (@Jtrondeau)         
  • Best practices take the cake when you’re starting from scratch.
    Cassie Allinger (@_CassieLee_)         
  • 1st understanding visitor’s profile, motivations after some research. Then scratching from brand / product to get the message.
    Joe Web (@JoeWeb)         
  • I start by aiming my initial copy and headline for SEO and quality score and move out with that as the control.
    Carlos del Rio (@inflatemouse)         
  • If a control pg exists, segment your traffic with most of it (80%) going to the original control page. If starting from scratch, use personas, and data to drive decisions.
    Bobby Hewitt (@Bobbyhewitt)         
    • Good tip. As a 50/50 split on an unproven new page would be more risky than the 80/20.
      James Svoboda         
    • 100% agree, I like that. Personas, data and business sense is a must of any commercial action.
      Joe Web         
  • Matching Value Props between copy and ads, if you tease it in the ad, deliver it on the LP!
    Chris Kostecki (@chriskos)         
  • Clarity and focus are the goal for both CRO and SEO. It’s not double duty, it is efficiency.
    Carlos del Rio         
  • value proposition to increase relevance: This is the place where you’ll find your item/service.
    Xavier Colomes (@xavier_colomes)         

Q2: When, and what factors, do you consider for creating long copy over a shorter condensed message on landing pages?

  • Long copy often comes into play when the shorter page cannot answer all the questions that a visitor may have. I also take into consideration whether a multi-page experience might be a better experience than a long page. Sometimes it is. To clarify: I find that multi-page experiences work better for things w/ longer sales cycles where trust and experience matter.
    James Svoboda         
  • Symbols of trust vital to get people to commit to long copy. Show these early to make most of content.
    Simon Cahill (@Simon_CRO)         
  • I like using less copy with more action points: more to measure, and less of a burden on visitors to make a decision. Ecomm is more of an iceberg, with the minimal info needed is visible, & more content is avail on the page w/ clear CTAs.
    Chris Kostecki         
  • Great landing pages need have: Headline-Demonstration-Value-Support-Action. Make your page as long as needed to communicate those.
    Unbounce (@unbounce)         
    • Like this. Throw in customer segmentation (where possible based on traffic numbers/knowledge of cust) and its a winner.
      Simon Cahill         
  • Long copy is very effective for decision making stage and research modality visitors. Long v. Short is a question about Who.
    Carlos del Rio         
  • When Long: +Age,need of precision on technical stuff supported with visuals, anti internet negative space fashion visitiors XD.
    Joe Web         
  • Every decision, no matter how big, is a series of small decision, including scrolling down a page, w MP they dont know whats next. If they need a lot of information, that’s a commitment, so they need to download it & it will only cost them their email addy
    Chris Kostecki         
  • Now seriously. Research a lot from personas, data and business, this we’ll get your long vs short copy winner.
    Joe Web         

Q3: How does your messaging and page copy for the same product vary by source? Any differences for search, display, email, social..?

  • Short Answer = Copy is contingent on the source offerings. Context is key.
  • Page copy will vary by source if predicted volume and campaign budget warrants additional resources to tailor for each segment. In a perfect world, budget and volume would be enough to allow for custom messaging by source, and segment of each source.
    James Svoboda         
  • Messaging by source goes back to the visitor intent / motivation from each respective source.
    Bobby Hewitt         
  • I look to the source if the landscape is different (competitors, messaging, value props) most of the time they are the same.
    Chris Kostecki         
  • A PPC visitor may have an immediate need where as a banner visit may just be browsing.
    Bobby Hewitt         
  • I think that Source is an independent and often meaningless variable. Copy should be connected to the message, not the media.
    Carlos del Rio         
    • I respectfully disagree. Different sources bring in different audiences that have different needs.
      Cassie Allinger         
      • Your channel doesn’t change your Benefits or your Function. Dig in2 your multi-channel reports 2 see ppl w/ many paths.
        Carlos del Rio         
    • I think there’s something to source, but that ‘something’ is over shadowed by the importance of the message.
      • Well said. It’s important though that the messaging matches its audience on both sides of the table.
        Cassie Allinger         
    • Message depends also from receiver’s motivation & engagement. So, media or context may change ur copy impact
      Joe Web         
      • You can’t force motivation or engagement. Let your ads do their job. Making the LP do all the work is going the wrong dir.
        Carlos del Rio         
  • It’s about the goals, and how your product/service fits in the market. That is universal.
    Chris Kostecki         
    • Conversion rates will vary by source though.
      James Svoboda         
      • Yup, but having tests effect traffic from many sources will bring more stable results.
        Chris Kostecki         
        • So then, you’d better segment and measure accordingly so as to not cloud your picture.
          James Svoboda         
  • Just because you want a consistent message that matches your goals, doesn’t mean you can’t change tone & phrasing.
    Cassie Allinger         
    • Yes, but, tone change should be on the high lvl. Speak to ppl like your satisfied customers no matter what source.
      Carlos del Rio         
      • That goes without saying. But different segments of customers react differently to different CTAS, value props, etc.
        Cassie Allinger         
        • Social Media is precisely changing this. Personalized LP helps to connect goals and audience.
          Joe Web         
        • Do you really feel that you have a close enough correlation btw Source and Customer Type to call them equal?
          Carlos del Rio         
          • Equal? No. The visitors vary enough by source to test … which is really what CRO is all about.
            Cassie Allinger         
  • In my honest opinion the big issue here is pesonalization and targeting the source its just a part of it… Can it tell me the purpose of visit?
    Xaview Colomes         
    • It depends how well you structure your PPC copy, if done right it can tell you intent. price shopping vs etc.
      Bobby Hewitt         

Q4: Do you test entirely different pages of copy or sections of page copy? What factors do you consider in testing this?

  • I typically prefer to test entirely different pages over sections of page copy as I’m looking for large conversion differences.
    James Svoboda         
  • It often depends on what stage of testing you’re in. Have you been testing for years? Or are you just starting?
    Cassie Allinger         
  • Treating the entire page as a variable has a better chance of higher conversion gains and can correct multiple sins at once.
    Bobby Hewitt         
  • Completely new pages can be scary for some people. It also depends on philosophy and level of risk.
    Bobby Hewitt         
    • Also, if you fail you fail fast and move on.
      Carlos del Rio         
  • I like completely diff sets of copy when running ‘innovation tests’ & run tests small sec when drilling down conv factors.

Q5: How do visitor attention and eye flow affect landing page copy if at all?

  • Copy is an element that goes along with CTAs, images, navs, & headlines, the balance & flow is important.
    Chris Kostecki         
  • I first run gaze plot and heatmaps for landing pages to help determine where visitors are predicted to be looking. Next I see if I can, and need to, shift focus towards the page copy away from unnecessary distracting elements.
    James Svoboda         
  • In the simplest sense, helps you design layouts & place CTAs.
    Cassie Allinger         
  • Same here, as well as 5 second tests & click tests to make sure people know what the page is abt & where to click.
    Theresa Baiocco (@theresabaiocco)         
  • Affects layout design &, of course, negative space, colors, position and symbols. Let them flow, they’ll tell us how to convert.
    Joe Web         
  • Show the page to someone that knows nothing about your product for 10-sec. You will discover a lot of probs.
    Carlos del Rio         


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