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Google Testing New “Related to” Sponsored PPC Ads Segmentation in SERPs?

Hummm. It is Friday afternoon so I guess this falls in line with the timing of most of Google’s tests and new feature roll outs, like when they tested their left side search tool on Friday, April 2nd that was Officially Launched on Thursday, May 6th or when they Tested Olympic Logos in Search Pages on Friday, February 19th.

The following screen shot indicates that Google is testing a new “Related to” pay per click text ad segmentation format in the search results pages. While, IMO, these look a little out of place, they may actually function better for users to help identify ad groupings that may interest them.

New Google Sponsored PPC Ads Segmentation Format

New Google Sponsored PPC Text Ads Segmentation for Keyword: Local

The new segments related to this search for the keyword “local” are:

Related to google local:
Related to local search:
Related to local classifieds:

Keyword searches for these segments are rare, but I also found SERP segments related to the search for the keyword “local news“:

Related to local news abc:
Related to channel 9 news:

And “local weather“:

Related to local news:
Related to weather bug:

AdWords PPC Ads Segmentation for Keyword: Local News

Ads Segmentation for Keyword: Local News

Segmentation for Keyword Local Weather

Segmentation for Keyword: Local Weather

Hopefully more coming in the next few days…

Update: It appears that these new “Related to” segments are more ambiguous in nature. They are being displayed for more general and vague queries that could be interpreted in different ways. A recently found SERP for “searching” was pulling segmented ads for:

Related to searching people:
Related to search engine:

AdWords PPC Ads Segmentation for Keyword: Searching

Google AdWords Sponsored Text Link Ad Segmentation for Keyword: Searching

Share your thoughts on the new google search result pages layout and logoWhat do you think of the New Google Sponsored Text Links Segmentation? Do these PPC SERPs work for you? Feel free to share your thoughts.

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  • Pandiyan G | February 28, 2011

    One more good tactics to increase the revenue for Google by Google.

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