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Google AdWords Pay Per Click Seminar for Success in Minneapolis

At WebRanking, we are dedicated to enhancing our own knowledge in the industry we love. So on Thursday and Friday of this week, July 16th & 17th, I will be out of the office attending the Google AdWords™ Seminar for Success in Minneapolis. This is an Advanced Level Training Seminar designed to educate experienced advertisers in the successful management and creation of premium Google AdWords Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns.

Google AdWords Seminar in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Google AdWords Seminar in Minneapolis

This seminar looks like it is going to provide some good pay per click tips that can make a big impact as the session agenda looks very promising.

AdWords Seminar 301: Advanced Account Optimization – Day 1

Psychology of Search

Best Practices for PPC Success

Understanding Keywords – Keyword Research (Long Tail and Wide vs. Deep Keywords), Negative Keywords & Search Query Reports

Discovering Effective Keywords – AdWords Keyword Tool, Spidering Websites & Competitive Research

Creating Compelling Ad Copy – Connecting with the Searcher, Unique Selling Proposition & Benefits vs. Features

Landing Pages that Convert – Showcasing the Answer, Where to Send Traffic, Best Practices & Usability Overview

Advanced Optimization Techniques

Boosting Your PPC Traffic – Dynamic Keyword Insertion, Ad Preview Tool & Increasing Page Views

Increasing PPC Conversion Rates – Ad Copy Calls to Action & Optimizing Landing Pages

Quality Score Demystified – What is Quality Score, How Actual CPC is Calculated, Quality Score Factors, How to Increase Your Quality Score & Using Keyword Reports

Beyond Text – Multimedia Ads – Video Ads, Image Ads, Widget Ads & Display Ad Builder

Content Network Deep Dive – Overview of the Content Network, Data (Placement Performance Report & Demographics Reports), Content Network Optimization, Placement Targeting, Enhanced Campaigns, Content Campaign Organization, AdSense Preview Tool & Ad Planner

Advanced Geographic Targeting – The Technology, Effectively Reaching Local Audiences, Local Business Ads & Geographic Performance Reports

AdWords Editor: Quick and Easy Account Changes – Live AdWords Editor Demo & Making Large Account Changes in Minutes

Google Analytics Implementation

AdWords Seminar 302: Advanced Conversion Optimization – Day 2

Setting Profitable Business Goals

Putting Your Ad Dollars to Work – Ad Delivery & Bidding Types (Max CPC, Preferred Bidding, Conversion Optimizer & Budget Optimizer)

Learn How to Track Conversions – Implementation & Measurement

Exploring ROI and Profit – Calculating Bids

Effective Bidding Strategies – Position Preference, Ad Scheduler (Basic, Advanced & Time Sensitive Ads), By Location

My Client Center

Successful Account Organization – When to Create Campaigns (Content vs. Search, Budget, Geography, Product or Service Types & Ad Scheduling), When to Create AdGroups & Organizing Ads and Keywords

Find Effective Messages through Split Testing

Overview of Testing – Ad Delivery Methods & Statically Relevant Information

Ad Copy Testing – Advanced Ad Writing, Split Testing Ad Copy & Ad Performance Reports

Landing Page Testing – Where to Send Traffic for Testing, How to Test Page Layouts, Split Testing Landing Pages & URL Performance Reports

Profit Per Impression – Combined Landing Page and Ad Testing Variations, Understanding the Reports & Lifetime Visitor Values

Be More Productive Using AdWords Reports – Keyword Report, Search Query Performance & Other Reports

Google Analytics Reporting – Site Overlay, Conversion Funnels & AdWords Account Navigation

Click Quality and Reporting

Even More Tools for Effective Research – Ad Planner, SK Tool, Trends & Widget Ads

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    Send me info for upcoming events near Minneapolis

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