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Andre Gous, Fallon Travel Services

“This write-up intends to tell the world about how tremendously satisfied we are with the services of WebRanking.com.

We have been their client for over a year, and hope to be their client for many years to come.

Their service is effective and predictable. At the end of every month, I do a spreadsheet reconciliation of bang-for-the-buck. Often, we venture money and deeply regret it, due to meager results and terrible price-per-click numbers. By contrast, with WebRanking.com, we always know we get value for our money … it’s built into the agreement.

There are two other strong benefits:

– zero maintenance
With other vendors, even some of our favorite pay-per-click engines, there is some work involved. With WebRanking.com, there is literally no work involved, apart from paying them every month.

– professionalism
The way they interact with their clients is far above the norm, in terms of professionalism, and in sharp contrast to our experience with other vendors. Many vendors are effective, but not particularly professional in how they do business. WebRanking.com is effective and professional. It sounds like they wear suits and ties while they talk to their clients, and I mean that to imply that they sound competent, serious, polished, while also being friendly and helpful.

I recommend them warmly and without reservation.”

Andre Gous
Fallon Travel Services
Fallon, NV


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