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Larry Gasser, C-N-I Locates Ltd.

“Just a note of special thanks to the folks at WebRanking…for the continued commitment to their customer’s success.

We had been working with another service provider for years and when the economy took a nose dive in late-2000’s, we noticed a dramatic drop in business as well. After review we noted our current service provider hadn’t kept pace with the times and we were in essence paying for the initial effort over and over with no marked changes in our approach to marketing.

After an exhaustive search, we ran across a local service provider in the North West region of the states, with a team of young guys willing to go the extra mile. Not only did they implement a plan of attack to funnel new customer traffic our way, they also took the time to learn the inner workings of how our business operated in an effort to better understand how they could then best meet our needs. The increased customer traffic was noticed immediately and the new business saved us from having to close our doors due to the severe drop in business brought on by the economic depression. We now have an updated web site, SEO campaign and a pay per click program that is paying dividends. The new customers have not only helped us to diversify as a service provider but also helped us to spread the wealth of our customer’s across the board and no longer have “all of our eggs in one basket”.

It’s nice to see that regardless of the times, good or bad…the WebRanking team always seem to continually adapt and change with the times and see to it that their customers have that extra competitive edge.”

Thanks again!
C-N-I Locates Ltd.

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