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SEO Case Study: All Surface Cleaning

all-surface-cleaning-logo www.AllSurfaceCleaning.com
9388 SW Tigard St.
Tigard, Oregon 97223

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Since 2014


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2016 » 2017

107.2%107.2% Year over Year Increase in Organic Traffic

Year over Year Increase
in Organic Traffic

All Surface Cleaning is a roof, gutter, deck and home exterior cleaning contractor located in Tigard, Oregon, a suburb of Portland.

When Tom initially reached out to us about an SEO campaign, he had previously worked with multiple digital marketing agencies, but didn’t feel as if he was getting a good return on his online marketing investment.  He felt that there were some serious issues with his site that were preventing him from getting better results, but didn’t know what was holding them back.


The objective of the All Surface Cleaning SEO campaign was to increase phone calls and free estimate form submissions from potential customers in the greater Portland metro area. This was to be accomplished through improved organic exposure for the keywords that potential customers are using to search for the cleaning services offered.

We were also going to investigate the SEO work that had been previously done to the site and determine what if anything was hindering results.


When looking at the site’s analytics history, we immediately noticed that their organic traffic levels were significantly below what they had been several years before.  Our research indicated that this dip in traffic coincided with the launch of Google’s Penguin Algorithm update which had penalized sites for having bad inbound links.

Another challenge was that All Surface Cleaning was physically located in Tigard, Oregon, a small suburb of Portland.  As searches for their services that include the keyword “Portland” drive significantly more traffic than Tigard based searches, we would have to overcome the disadvantage of not being physically located in Portland.

We were also dealing with a site that was not mobile friendly, had an antiquated design and registered extremely slow response times with Google.

We have been exceptionally pleased with everyone we have worked at WebRanking – Chris, Paul and Tony. Since employing their services, our online lead generation has continued to grow at a healthy pace. The breadth of services and their awareness of a wide variety of SEO strategies and media have proven to be quite helpful and refreshing.


Link Audit

Our strategy for All Surface Cleaning was multifaceted as there were several priority items we needed to address.  First off, we conducted a thorough inbound link analysis, and either manually removed or disavowed inbound links that we deemed to be from bad “linking neighborhoods”.

During our link audit, we also discovered that many of the site’s citations were either incorrect, incomplete or inconsistent with their current name, address and phone number.  We put an emphasis on correcting these citations, along with building out new citations and quality links for the site.

Onsite SEO & Content

Our onsite strategy consisted of fresh keyword phrase research, complete optimization of the website, along with a content audit to identify pages that needed to be added to the site.  New service area pages and supporting blog content pages were introduced to the site on a monthly schedule.

Redesign to be Mobile Friendly and Provide Better User Experience

We also provided a complete redesign for the site with a responsive design allowing the site to now be mobile friendly.  This was combined with ongoing site speed upgrades and other technical SEO efforts to create a site that provided an excellent user experience.

A focus was also put on conversion rate optimization, as we needed to ensure that the site offered clear calls to action and directed the visitor to complete our desired goal of a phone call or free estimate form.  We reinforced this effort with the creation of an exit intent pop-up to further increase conversion rates and leads.


We initially began working with Tom and All Surface Cleaning in November of 2013.  Our main objectives for the campaign was to increase both organic traffic and leads for the site.  However, due to algorithm penalties we knew it was going to take time and effort to get the desired results.


Going from a campaign that solely focuses on keyword generated traffic, to one that embraces engagement takes time to not only develop but to cultivate.  Year over year web generated conversions for All Surface Cleaning have increased as follows:

2014 » 2015

1.3%1.3% Year over Year Increase in Organic Traffic

Year over Year Increase
in Organic Traffic

2015 » 2016

18.6%81.22% Year over Year Increase in Organic Traffic

Year over Year Increase
in Organic Traffic

2016 » 2017

107.2%49.70% Year over Year Increase in Organic Traffic

Year over Year Increase
in Organic Traffic

As for total qualified organic leads, we’ve seen the following results:

2015 » 2016

38%1.3% Year over Year Increase in Organic Leads

Year over Year Increase
in Organic Leads

2016 » 2017

105.8%81.22% Year over Year Increase in Organic Leads

Year over Year Increase
in Organic Leads

This campaign was a stark reminder of how working with an agency that employs questionable SEO strategies can do significant damage to your online presense.  It took WebRanking a considerable amount of time to identify why the All Surface website was not performing as it should have been and to then rectify the situation.

Thankfully, due to the removal and disavowment of bad inbound links, coupled with a solid SEO strategy that involves continuous keyword driven content, technical SEO, link & citation building and ongoing onpage optimization updates, the site is now seeing a record number of organic visitors and traffic.

The organic improvement has been so significant that Tom has had to temporarily turn off the Google AdWords account WebRanking manages for him, so he can get caught up with the huge influx of organic leads and new business he has seen this past year.

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