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Google Testing New Format in Search Engine Result Pages?

Kudos to Paul Kragthorpe for spotting what is either a Good Friday (long weekend) test or a limited/controlled release of a new format for Google’s search engine result pages (SERP’s).


Google New SERP for Test

Google New SERP for TEST

Always a clever one to notice similarities, Paul remarks seem to be on point:

In the off chance that I’m the only one seeing it, attached are 1 image showing Googles new one, and 1 of bing to show that they are just about identical!

Looks pretty identical to Bing’s now, minus the cool bing image on the banner.

Comparison Search done at

Comparison TEST Search done at

Back in February I noticed that Google was testing the continuation of their daily Olympic Logo into their SERP’s in a manner that very much mimicked Bing’s search results.

Google Logo in SERP's

Google Logo in SERP's

Bing Logo in SERP's

Bing Logo in SERP's

It sure does seem that search engine pages are starting to look as alike as most Newspapers…

 The Washington Post -

The Washington Post Newspaper -

Los Angeles Times -

Los Angeles Times Newspaper -

The New York Times -

The New York Times Newspaper -

Chicago Tribune -

Chicago Tribune Newspaper -

The Wall Street Journal -

The Wall Street Journal Newspaper -

The Oregonian -

The Oregonian Newspaper -

Sun Sentinel Newspaper -

Sun Sentinel Newspaper -

Share your thoughts on the new google search result page layoutWhat do you think of the New Google Search Engine Result Page Layout? Do these SERP’s work for you or are they just too much like Bing’s results? Feel free to share your thoughts.

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Reader Comments

  • Paul.K | April 02, 2010

    I rock. At first I just thought that I had left the options sidebar open from the last search I had done. But that was not the case. It was definitely a new design for the Google search result page!

    I feel like the guy who takes blurry images of new Apple products =) Ooooo, maybe they were testing the SERP for the iPad. Google is still the default search engine on the iPad’s Safari Browser ya know?

  • Ed | April 04, 2010

    How to go back to the previous layout. Waste of space and reduces search results on my laptop.

    • Paul.K | April 09, 2010

      I’ve read that if you clear your browser cache, it’ll revert back to the original.

  • Phillip | May 05, 2010

    This is terrible! I hate Bing and the way they have it set up and that is why I use Google. Please don’t change to this method because I love the way it works currently.

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