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Google Officially Launches New Logo and Search Page Layout

Google New SERPs Navigation

Google New SERPs Navigation

It’s official! Google has officially launched their new search engine result pages (SERPs) format and also an updated and cleaner looking logo.

We first noticed Google testing their new SERPs format back in April.

Since then we have been left to wonder if and when the new search page layout would go live ad if there were any changes that would be made to their format as well.

It appears that the only thing missing from the early tests is the “Not Entirely Unlike” section.

From “Not Entirely Unlike” to “Something Different”

Google SERP Test: "Not Entirely Unlike"

Test SERP: Not Entirely Unlike

New SERPs: Something Different

New SERPs: Something Different

Google Logos – Then and Now

Googles Original Logo

Google's Original TM Logo

Google's New Logo

New Cleaner Looking Google Logo

From the Official Google Blog about the logo changes:

In addition to the left-hand side changes, we’ve updated our look and feel in terms of our color palette and our logo. These changes are slight, keeping our page minimalist and whimsical, but make our overall look more modern.

I definitely like the new logo and would have to agree with their assessment.

They have incorporated many of the same Search Options that were previously, and many currently still are, located at the top of the pages.

SERPs Side Navigation and Top Dropdown

SERPs Side Navigation and Top Dropdown

Google Search Options Navigation

Search Options Navigation

Search Options

You can toggle to show “More” or “Fewer” Search Options.

  • Everything
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Maps
  • News
  • Shopping
  • Books
  • Blogs
  • Updates
  • Discussions

    Filter and Views

    You can toggle to show “More” or “Fewer” Search Tools.

    Filters, Views and Calendar

    Filters, Views and Calendar

    Any time

  • Latest
  • Past 24 hours
  • Past week
  • Past month
  • Past year
  • Custom range…
  • The Custom Range Option lets you choose a date range “From:” a specific date “To:” a specific date. A calendar will even pop-up to assist you select the dates.

    All results

  • Social
  • Nearby
  • All results

  • Visited pages
  • Not yet visited
  • Standard view

  • Related searches
  • Wonder wheel
  • Timeline
  • Standard results

  • Sites with images
  • Fewer shopping sites
  • More shopping sites
  • Page previews
  • Translated search

    Full Image of the New Google Search Engine Result Page

    New Google Search Engine Results Pages Layout

    New Google Search Engine Results Pages Layout (SERPs)

    Share your thoughts on the new google search result pages layout and logoWhat do you think of the New Google Search Engine Result Page Layout and cleaner logo? Do these SERPs work for you? Feel free to share your thoughts.

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    Reader Comments

    • Phillip | May 05, 2010

      This is terrible! I hate Bing and the way they have it set up and that is why I use Google. Please don’t change to this method because I love the way it works currently.

    • Tommy | May 07, 2010

      i hate this new layout its well annoying! get rid of it soon.

    • nortonnn | May 07, 2010

      I seriously Hate, it clutters a looot that left hand side bar, heard lots of comments of people to just switching to Bing since there is no difference anymore…

    • Sandde | May 08, 2010

      I cannot stand this new layout – I agree with others, it cuts down on the space I am actually using and I don’t need that stuff on the side — please, please change back QUICKLY!

    • Robert | May 09, 2010

      Can’t say I like this update. Google are slowly cluttering their offering. I liked this layout when Ask brought it out as Ask 3D. But Google’s offering has always been that they have gone for a minimalist approach.

      Could this be the next change in search… the abandonment of the simple search box?

    • Anon | June 10, 2010

      This is among the worst ideas google ever came up with. They didn’t have to fight hard to compete against bing, it was setting up itself for failure with the crappy UI and poor search. Looks like google is working hard to send its users to other search engines. I hate this so much that I’m desperately looking for another search engine now.

    • Laurelie | November 20, 2010

      I’ve been trying to get rid of that useless sidebar since 2 days!! How do I remove it?

    • James | November 22, 2010

      Hi Laurelie, I’m afraid that there is no “Off” setting for this Google navigation side bar.

    • Dean | May 07, 2011

      Your new format REALLY sucks, guys. Didn’t anybody in the company remind you of the old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”? With this search format you’ve changed the saying to, “If it ain’t broke, BREAK it!” C’mon, at least give us the option of changing back to the old, very usable, and quick-scrolling format you used to have. I HATE this!

    • Peggy Koontz | August 17, 2011

      Hate this new layout also. Have to scroll too much to find things, hate all the side stuff. Will also be looking for a new search engine.

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