Website Analysis & Consultation

Website Analysis & Consultation


You know that your website is not performing at the high level you would like, but you probably don’t know why. Is it due to a lack of organic exposure? Do you have a limited number of quality inbound links? Maybe your site offers a poor user experience? Or Is the site’s architecture not search engine friendly? Is your contact information prominent on all pages of your site? Does your site have basic optimization components in place?


Before you can find a solution, you need to identify the problem.


When you consider the growing complexity of today’s search engine algorithms with more educated and discerning online visitors, there are numerous reasons as to why your website might not be generating high levels of sales, leads or brand exposure for your company. You may be doing several things right, but all it takes is a few misguided optimization strategies or poor online marketing techniques to prevent success online.


To help you identify those online marketing issues, WebRanking offers an in depth and comprehensive website analysis and consultation service that will identify the areas of your website and online marketing strategy that are hindering you online.


This multi faceted analysis and consultation package includes a review of your site’s search engine rankings, on-site optimization strategy, inbound links, competitor analysis, overall marketing approach and provides 5 action items you can introduce immediately to increase your website’s success.


Your complete website analysis & report includes the following:

Initial Phone Consultation We start with an initial consultation during which we will discuss your company, your website’s history, past SEO experience and your online marketing goals. We will also learn more about your products and services, which ones you are looking to promote and what area(s) you are looking to market to.


On-Site Optimization Overview Let a professional take an in-depth look at your on-site optimization strategy. We will review your Meta tags, internal links structure, keyword density, website design, on-page content and more. Plus we will ensure that your site is not utilizing improper optimization techniques that could cause you to be banned from the top search engines.


User Experience Review Even if your website is getting good online exposure and targeted web visitors, if it does not provide them with a good experience, they are likely to look elsewhere. We will review your website’s navigation system, on page information, contact forms, calls to action, Internet credibility and more.


Search Engine Ranking Overview Your ranking report shows you where your website is currently ranking for your business’ most important keywords on today’s top search engines. We will also show you where your top competitors are ranking for the same keyword phrases.


Link Analysis Overview As links now play a critical role in gaining and maintaining rankings on all of the top search engines, our link analysis will show you how many quality inbound links your website has from industry relevant websites and trusted web directories.


Competitor Analysis How does your site stack up when compared to your top online competitors? Our analysis will show how your site’s rankings, online exposure, PPC utilization and inbound links compare to those of your top online competitors.


Comments and recommendations to improve your website We will provide you with a number of recommendations on how to improve your site in order to increase online sales and inquiries.


5 Implementable Action Items After finalizing the analysis, we will take all factors into consideration, plus your stated online marketing goals, and provide action items that you can implement immediately to improve your website’s performance.


Closing Phone Consultation Upon completing the comprehensive analysis, one of our search engine marketing professionals will schedule a phone consultation in order to go over the complete analysis and answer any questions you may have.


Customized Search Engine Marketing Proposal With the information generated through your website analysis we are able to provide you with a customized search engine marketing proposal designed specifically to bring you online success.



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