Quality Link Building Strategies

A major factor in your search engine rankings is how many quality links point to your website. Search engines reward those who have earned high-quality inbound links by bumping them up in the rankings. The premise behind this is that the more links that point to your site from quality websites, the more likely your content is to be valuable to visitors. Because inbound links are such an important factor in rankings, search marketers typically include link building as one of the fundamental elements of their marketing campaigns.

A Little History Link building has come a long way since it first became a factor in search engine rankings. When search engines first started to become popular, web marketers noticed that websites with more inbound links ranked higher in search engine results. Once they picked up on this, webmasters all over the world implemented reciprocal linking strategies. This “I scratch your back, you scratch mine” rewarded both parties involved, and link swapping spread like wildfire.


Eventually it became apparent to search engines that a website with a large number of reciprocal links was not necessarily a valuable resource to visitors. Many top-ranking sites were simply link farms with no real relevant content to the visitors who found them. So the search engines changed their algorithms. Today, link building strategies have become more sophisticated.


Link Building Strategies That Work for Today Now, search engines place greater value one-way links. One of the best ways to boost one-way links to your website is to submit your site to trusted directories and vertical industry resources. The quality of the links you receive also makes a difference – search engines will give more weight to links coming from trusted sources than those coming from new sites. At WebRanking, we use proven link building strategies that will increase inbound links to your website and improve your online visibility.

How We Approach Link Building

Link Building Campaigns Tailored to Your Goals and Your Budget WebRanking offers a number of link building services, and can put together a custom link building blueprint for your site. Custom packages include link resource research, competitive link analysis, trusted directory submissions, vertical industry directory inclusion and more. We can work with you to to build a link building strategy that works for you, based on your budget and your link building goals.

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