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Tom Spaulding, Oral Breeze

These are the numbers showing up today on Site Meter.

Total: 2,933
Average Per Day: 111
Average Visit Length: 1:20
Last Hour: 6
Today: 43
This Week: 774

With a headline of “Do Your Gums Bleed?”, I did not think you could achieve this type of result. We are not only fighting the big companies for keywords, there are a ton of non-profits competing for the same exposure. The proof is in the pudding, as they say. We have stopped our (other) PPC program because of these results and ROI. Sales have increased dramatically – we are now all over Google and climbing on a regular basis.

Thanks for your efforts. You will have me as a customer for a long time.”

After 2 months

ShowerPik is now at 98,138 on Alexa.

I think I was in the 350,000 range. (before WebRanking.com)

Quite a difference. Take a look at the Alexa predictions. My business has picked up dramatically since your work started. (don’t raise my prices).

A lot of it has to do with your ability to pick key words. You choose some that I had not thought of (and this is my business 24×7).

What you have done flies in the face of conventional wisdom as far as obtaining rank on the search engines.

PPC, Ad words, Pop ups, etc – saved that money. Lousy ROI. What ever you are doing, keep it up please.”

After 2 years

“I have been with WebRanking since January of 2003. It is now January of 2005. For 24 months, I have not had to worry about the big boys beating me in the search engine war. I am in the top 10 results for dozens of search terms. I can spend my time doing other parts of owning a small business and let Chris worry about where the rankings are. If, at anytime, I felt I was not getting my monies worth, I would just stop using the service. That has not happened.

One other point is that Chris is a true straight shooter – no bs – just the facts, the good, the bad and the ugly. What a pleasure it is to deal with a company that you can truly trust. When Google did their dance, I dropped some ranking. I called Chris and he acknowledged that fact and then explained what they were doing about it. They did it and in short order, I was back on top.

Back in 1997, it was easy to get rankings, now if you try to do it yourself, its akin to doing your own surgery – not too bright.”

Tom Spaulding
Oral Breeze
Palm Coast, FL


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