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Joe Brown, 1A Discount Medical Supply, Inc.

“We tried 5 or 6 other service organizations over a period of 4 years that specialize in marketing web sites. We were badly deceived by most of them. To a firm they were either grossly incompetent, short on time resources, or they just didn’t care beyond the initial payments.

A little over two years ago we had the good fortune of encountering Chris Lister at WebRanking.com. Chris and his associates are above all else scrupulously honest. In addition, they actually do their absolute best to provide good value in every service they provide. We are beyond just satisfied with everything we have received in the last two years.

The internet is constantly changing, forcing the services we need to change at light speed. Our level of trust has reached a point that allows us to accept the ongoing recommendations from WebRanking.com with no more than a couple of sessions where we compare notes. If you have a web site do yourself and your company a favor, and hire these guys.”

Electric-Wheelchairs-101.com - logoJoe W. Brown
1A Discount Medical Supply, Inc.
Winchester, KY
Electric-Wheelchairs-101.com & Adjustable Beds 101


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