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The New Normal of Paid Search Ads

SMX Advanced is a high-level search engine marketing conference that takes place in Seattle every year in June. This was the 11th year and I was honored by being invited to participate again!

SMX Advanced 2017 Speaker James Svoboda

SMX Advanced June 2017 in Seattle, WA

Ginny Marvin from Marketing Land moderated the “A Year of Change In The Online Ad Universe” session for which my presentation is titled “Welcome to the New Normal of Paid Search Ads“. It’s a detailed look at the changes in pay per click marketing over the past year and how they affect paid search ads.

Full Presentation

Here is the full powerpoint presentation from the Wednesday June 14th, 2017 event for you to reference. I hope you enjoy it!

View other presentations from James Svoboda or WebRanking on Slideshare.


A few pics…

James Svoboda Presenting at SMX Advanced 2017 in Seattle

James Svoboda Speaking at SMX Advanced 2017. Thanks to @QuanticMind for the pic!

James Svoboda Speaking at SMX Advanced 2017 in Seattle

James Svoboda Presenting at SMX in Seattle. Thanks to @GinnyMarvin for the pic!

Special Thanks to Todd, Scott, Alan, Kevin and the rest of the amazing people at SEMpdx for inviting me to dinner!

SMX Advanced 2017 Afterparty at MoPOP in Downtown Seattle

SMX Advanced After party at MoPOP

SMX Advanced 2017 Dinner at Local 360 in Belltown Seattle

SMX 2017 Dinner

And of course, R2 enjoyed the view.

R2's View of the Space Needle

R2’s View of the Space Needle


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Reader Comments

  • Jennifer | July 07, 2017

    I was researching about PPC strategies and I stumbled on your blog and it is very insightful and the changes in PPC throughout the years has been beautifully documented.

    • James Svoboda | July 27, 2017

      Thanks Jennifer! Glad you liked it.

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