Jul 02

Bing and Twitter Sitting in a Tree

In an effort to get a leg up on Google when it comes to real time search, Bing has started integrating real time Twitter messages into their search results. According to their official blog, Bing will now provide results from a handful of the more “prominent and prolific Twitterers” coming from a wide range of spheres.

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Jun 29

Online Marketing Summit – The Portland Stop

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OMS - Portland - June 2009

OMS - Portland - June 2009

Monday finds me out of the office once again, as both Tony and I will be attending the Online Marketing Summit at the Monaco Hotel in Portland. The OMS is an education based event that focuses on best practices in online marketing. The topics for the one day event will include Social Media, Search, PPC, Email Marketing, Analytics and Integrated Marketing Strategies.

Jun 16

Twitter is the Freedom Engine?

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twitter.comWhile Bing might be promoting itself as the decision engine, Twitter could make a play for being known as the “Freedom Engine”. According to an article previously posted in the Washington Times, the State Department last weekend asked Twitter to delay it scheduled maintenance this week, which would have cut daytime service to Iran on Tuesday, just as protests against the recent elections continue to gain momentum.

Jun 08

SMX Advanced 09 Wrap Up – My Take

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WebRanking at SMXAdv09

Chris, James & Tony at SMX Advanced 09

Last Monday I made the quick trip up I-5 to Seattle for this year’s SMX Advanced.  Not only did this yearly expo provide our management team with an opportunity to meet and network with some of the search industry’s top minds, but to also attend some very informative sessions on Organic, Paid, Social and the Business side of search marketing.

May 29

WebRanking staff to attend Search Marketing Expo Advanced

by | May 29th, 2009 | Posted in Conferences and Seminars, WebRanking News | Comments Off on WebRanking staff to attend Search Marketing Expo Advanced

SMX - Search Marketing ExpoJames, Chris and myself will be in Seattle, Monday June 1st thru Thursday the 4th 2009 to attend the SMX Advanced. We are all really excited about attending the conference and a chance to learn some new skills and ideas that we can apply to our clients’ search marketing campaigns to get them better results, and to meet other people in our industry. The conference is 2 full days of speakers and classes, with a few meet and greet evening social interaction sessions. We bought our tickets a month ago, and looking on their site today, the event is all sold out, glad we got our tickets when we did, as the event is only in Seattle once a year.

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May 14

The Seven Deadly Sins of Company Blogging

by | May 14th, 2009 | Posted in Blogging, Top 10 Lists | Comments (2)

Number SevenWe all know that blogs, when used properly, can be excellent tools for promoting your organization and expanding your client base, while providing insight into the interworking of your company. They are also an effective way to generate organic search engine exposure, and with the right content, quality inbound links for your website.

However, blogging is not something to be taken lightly, isn’t right for every organization, and if done incorrectly can actually harm your company’s online reputation and branding. Below are the 7 deadly sins of company blogging and what you can do to exorcise those demonic blog traits, and convert to an angelic blogosphere existence.

Apr 22

Google Changes Keyword Tool, Adds Local Search Volume

by | April 22nd, 2009 | Posted in Keyword Research, Tools & Software | Comments Off on Google Changes Keyword Tool, Adds Local Search Volume

Google recently added a new “Local Search Volume” metric to their AdWords Keyword Tool that provides additional keyword search data for the country that you are targeting.  This is a great feature for determining keyword versions for geographic targeting of campaigns.

Apr 20

SEO Since 1999

by | April 20th, 2009 | Posted in Search Engine Marketing, WebRanking News | Comments Off on SEO Since 1999

Monday, April 20th, 2009: Today I celebrate the completion of my first decade in search.  I have been waiting for this day with some trepidation for the past 6 months or so.  I am not really sure why or even what this anniversary really means.  Does it mean that I am some sort of expert?  Well, anything is possible.  Or does it mean that I have spent the past decade in an industry that my friends and family can hardly even understand?  Hmm, I hope not.  In truth, it means I not only have a job that I like, but a career that I love.

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