Sep 23

Ignite Portland 9 Video | Sabotage: The Movie

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As proud sponsors of Ignite Portland 9 we were tasked with creating a 30 second promotional video to be played during the event’s intermission at the Bagdad theater. Our original idea was to create a 70’s stylized buddy cop movie trailer with my 1 year old son, but when the “Lil’ Dictator” was more inclined to eat the fake mustache than he was to wear it, we decided to go in a new direction.

While only one of WebRanking’s “two bad brothers you know so well” were available for the filming of the trailer, Tony and I decided to move forward without the “one lone Beastie” and create our own version of Sabotage. While WebRanking certainly have no aspirations of leaving the Search Engine Marketing community after 12 ½ years in order to pursue film making, we did enjoy the process plus it gave me an excuse to sport a mustache for the past couple of months.

The above video is the complete trailer, which is different from the 30 second teaser shown at Ignite Portland 9 and which can be viewed below.

Jul 23

Google Testing New “Related to” Sponsored PPC Ads Segmentation in SERPs?

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Hummm. It is Friday afternoon so I guess this falls in line with the timing of most of Google’s tests and new feature roll outs, like when they tested their left side search tool on Friday, April 2nd that was Officially Launched on Thursday, May 6th or when they Tested Olympic Logos in Search Pages on Friday, February 19th.

The following screen shot indicates that Google is testing a new “Related to” pay per click text ad segmentation format in the search results pages. While, IMO, these look a little out of place, they may actually function better for users to help identify ad groupings that may interest them.

New Google Sponsored PPC Ads Segmentation Format

New Google Sponsored PPC Text Ads Segmentation for Keyword: Local

Jul 16

Understanding Google AdWords Pay Per Click Keyword Match Types: Exact, Phrase, Broad, and +Modified +Broad

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Google AdWords Logo

Yes! It finally happened. Earlier this week, on July 14th, Google AdWords rolled out their new Broad Match Modifier (BMM) keyword matching option to all of their advertisers in the United States. Since BMM had previously only been available to AdWords advertisers in the UK and Canada, it’s release to US campaigns is something that has been eagerly awaited.

Google AdWords New Broad Match Modifier - BMM

When AdWords first announced the new modified broad keyword matching, they released an infographic to help marketers visually understand how BMM works and relates to existing match types. The infographic shows a very small set of examples of keyword matches that you can expect to have your text ads displayed for.

New Pay Per Click Keyword Match Types

After spending a month running and analyzing modified broad match keywords in a few Canadian AdWords campaigns, we developed a few matching techniques and initial bidding strategies that are represented in the following infograph. We feel that this is a better representation of the tiered levels of match type bidding, traffic potential and keyword matching. In particular we have expanded upon the new BMM match types with 3 possible levels of matching that we call: “Anchor Modified Broad Match“, “Dual Anchor Modified Broad Match“, and “Fully Modified Broad Match“.

Google AdWords Pay Per Click Keyword Match Types: Exact, Phrase, Expanded Broad and Modified BMM (Broad Match Modifier)

Google AdWords Pay Per Click Keyword Match Types: Broad, Anchor Modified, Dual Anchor, Full Modified, Phrase and Exact Match.

Jun 23

Google’s Keyword Broad Match Modifier: The AdWords PPC Targeting Savior

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First off, before I get into praising (below) the new Google AdWords’ Broad Match Modifier (BMM), let me state for the record that I have been extremely disappointed with Google’s “Expanded Broad Match” since it’s inception!

Google AdWords


Well, when Google AdWords first changed their normal Broad Match keyword targeting to this Expanded Matching option, I half jokingly referred to it as their new Pay Per Click “Money Algorithm”. This term seemed to fit very well because this “Mo-gorithm” took perfectly good broad keywords and corrupted their individual intent by algorithmically matching them to many different words for the sake of displaying higher bidded terms over many queries, thus inflating competition for search impressions and causing AdWords advertisers to lose a substantial amount of control of their targeting capabilities.

Here is an example of the loss of control and “Expanded Targeting” that Google’s current broad match triggers:

Jun 15

4 Father’s Day Tips for Being Successful in Social Media

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The Lil' Dictator

The Lil' Dictator

On September 13th 2009 Owen Matthew (a.k.a The Lil’ Dictator) was born and life as I knew it changed forever. You see I had become a father for the first time in my life and this momentous occasion spurred a huge change and maturation in me personally, forcing me to reprioritize my life, focus on my career and reduce the hours spent at the local brew pubs.

I’ve only been a Dad now for a little over 9 months, but through this crash course called parenthood I’ve managed to pick up some solid life lessons that are applicable not only to fatherhood, but also to my day job as a social media marketer (and addict). With Father’s Day right around the corner, I thought I’d share the 4 things that Fatherhood has taught me about being successful in Social Media.

Jun 09

Red & Black vs. Black & White: Yelp Publicity Story for Small Businesses

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The Red & Black Cafe - Portland, OR

The Red & Black Cafe - Portland, OR

The Red & Black Café is a worker owned, collectively managed, anarchist friendly, vegan coffee shop and restaurant located here in Portland, Oregon. A curiosity in some parts of the country, but here in the Northwest just another place to get a vegan meal and a cup of coffee… unless that is; you’re a Portland Police officer.

Recently the Red & Black café made national news when they asked a uniformed Officer to leave the premises because his presence reportedly made some of the other patrons uncomfortable. See, the Red & Black has a Safer Space policy, and according to reports, one of the “owners” asked the officer to leave (after they sold him his cup of coffee) because a good number of their patrons don’t feel safe around the police.

May 25

3 Social Media Guidelines for Keeping Your Private Parts Private

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Are your private parts private on your social media accounts?

Are your private parts private on your social media accounts?

There has been a lot of discussion as of late regarding Facebook and their new “Your Information is not as private as you might have thought it was” privacy policy. While I really don’t have anything new to add directly to this conversation that hasn’t already been said, it does lead to a discussion about the importance of filtering your social media presence for both your personal and professional personas.

By keeping the following simple guidelines in mind you can hopefully avoid those awkward “I can’t believe my Mom now knows I party like that” moments.

May 21

Google Celebrates PAC-MAN’s 30th Anniversary with an Interactive Video Game Logo

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Saturday, May 22nd, 2010 marks the 30 year anniversary of when the Pac-Man video game was released. To celebrate this phenominal interactive computing milestone, Google has changed their homepage logo to an interactive one that you can play the Pacman game live, online and right from Pretty Cool!

Google PAC-MAN 30th Anniversary Interactive Video Game Logo

Google PAC-MAN 30th Anniversary Interactive Video Game Logo

Watch a video of me wasting time playing Field Testing this interactive search engine feature:

May 14

Local Search Marketing Takeaways from the Twin Cities Local U

Local Search Marketing Seminar in the Twin Cities

The recent Local University marketing workshop held here in the Twin Cities had a line up of local search marketing speakers that was by far and away the most proficient local SEM panel ever assembled. Ever. Being a search engine marketer myself, whom works on many local and small business campaigns, I thought I would share some of the little local gems and actionable items that I took away from the event.

WebRanking helps Local University in a small way at the seminar in Minnesota - David Mihm on right

WebRanking loves getting involved with great organizations like Local University

Disclaimer: The following is not intended to supplement or replace the information that can be gathered by attending a Local U workshop in person. It is only a small sampling of what can be gained from this event. If you are an SEO/SEM and not currently enrolled in an upcoming Local U seminar, you are here by advised to do so at the earliest opportunity.

May 07

Twin Cities Local University Workshop Free Ticket Contest

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Local Search Marketing Seminar coming to Minneapolis Minnesota

WebRanking has 2 tickets to the morning session of the Twin Cities Local University Workshop on Thursday, May 13th in Edina, Minnesota that we are giving away in a contest. If you are interested, just fill out the entry form below for your chance to win.

All entries must be in by Tuesday, May 11th at Noon (12:00pm CST)

The free ticket contest is now closed. Thanks for all the submissions! And the winner is…

  • SEMpdx Board Member

    Board Member
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  • Techipedia Best of 2010
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