Dec 06

Association Discount Offer to the 2010 Digital Marketing Conference in Portland

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PSU's 2010 Digital Marketing Conference

PSU's 2010 Digital Marketing Conference

The great people at the Digital Marketing Conference in Portland have been kind enough to offer the members of MnSearch a 15% discount in order to attend their event on Monday, December 13 at Portland State University. While it is short notice for an event not being held in Minnesota and one that happens to fall right in the middle of the holiday season, they have a great line up of speakers and for those looking to get away this event looks to be well worth the trip.

Besides, who doesn’t want to escape the cold frigid winter of Minnesota for a few days of mild overcast and above freezing weather in Portland?

Dec 02

Proud Sponsors of the 2010 Digital Marketing Conference

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PSU's 2010 Digital Marketing Conference

PSU's 2010 Digital Marketing Conference

As one of Portland’s longest tenured Search Marketing Agencies, we believe it is important to be active supporters of the region’s growing online marketing community. It is for this very reason that we are proud to announce our sponsorship of the Networking Room at the 2010 Digital Marketing Conference presented by Portland State University.

This conference will be held on Monday, December 13th at PSU’s Lincoln Hall. We invite you to come down, stop by and say hello to the WebRanking team. We will also be debuting our handy new guides to Portland Online that day, so you will want to make sure you pick one up.

If you haven’t registered yet for this conference, hurry as the conference fee will be going to full price on Wednesday, December 8th. For more information, please visit the Digital Marketing Conference website.

Nov 16

MnSEM’s Launch Party in Minneapolis – First Official Event

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We are very excited to announce the launch of MnSEM.

MnSEM will be having it’s first official event Thursday, November 18th, 2010. Join MnSEM at the “Search Party: MnSEM Launch”. Get to know MnSEM and our members with an evening of networking, drinks, and of course talking search!

There are a few tickets left so register today!: Registration Closed

MnSEM is looking for feedback from the search community on what they would like to see in the way of resources, support and meet-ups in the Twin Cities. We’re currently gathering members at our group on Linkedin to connect search engine marketing folks. Visit the Official MnSEM LinkedIn group page for more details.

Who Should Attend MnSEM

Nov 09

How To Succeed on Yelp (Without Even Really Trying)

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Yelp Logo

WebRanking is proud to present the following guest blog post by Don Bourassa, the Portland Community Manager for  We wanted to personally thank Don for taking time out of his busy schedule to put together this informative post featuring 8 tips to help local businesses find success on Yelp.

Take it away, Don…

As the Portland Community Manager for, the number one question I hear from business owners is: How do I make Yelp work for me? The value of positive consumer reviews (and even some negative ones) to sustain and grow business is beyond obvious, but in a social media market dominated by broadcasting tools, Yelp’s model for business/consumer interaction can be a learning curve for some. Here are some do’s and don’ts to help you reap the benefits of the lush information available in consumer reviews.

1. Do: Join the conversation!

Last month alone, Yelp had more than 38 Million Visitors

Last month alone, Yelp had more than 38 Million Visitors

Every day on Yelp, millions of people (38 million last month alone) are searching, reading, and writing reviews of businesses like yours. They’re discussing your products, your service and really everything about your business. And as with any conversation, you have two roles to play: listen, and respond. Yelp gives you the tools (for free) to do both.

How, you ask? By unlocking your Business Owner Account on Yelp, you have access to a bevy of tools that allow you to do things like track page hits, post special offers and announcements, respond to reviews (both publicly and privately), add and correct information about your business like address and phone number, complete an About This Business summary, recommend other businesses, and share your business’ history.

Oct 19

Is Lead Fraud, Click Fraud 2.0? A New AdSense Scam Targeting Google AdWords Display Network Advertisers

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What do Google AdWords PPC, Fake Leads, Click Fraud and Identity Theft Have in Common?

What does Pay Per Click Fraud, Fake Leads and Identity Theft have in common? Answer: The Google AdWords Display Network

Ladies and gentlemen: the story you are about to read is true. Not even the names have been changed to protect the innocent. What follows is an account of what at first seemed like a few fraudulent leads, but upon closer inspection included stolen personal information, unscrupulous AdSense publishers and a blind eye turned by those making money through these deceptive means.

Google AdWords Display/Content Network

Google AdWords Display Network (formerly the Content Network)

Following, are just the facts…

The purpose of this post is to draw attention to a fraudulent and deceptive practice that WebRanking has recently been a victim of involving:

  • the Google AdWords Display Network – the advertising platform that this fraud manipulated on.
  • a Google AdSense affiliate – google_ad_client = “pub-7355375012544009”; who utilized and connected to sites such as and
  • Ngoc Ha Nguyen, and – The alleged offending entities.
  • (aka – a Google owned property that facilitated and hosted some of the AdWords ads that generated Fraudulent Clicks and Leads.
  • Click Fraud – the manner in which We, and most likely other AdWords advertisers, have been defrauded.
  • Identity Theft – Stolen personal information of identity theft victims were used to generate fake web leads through this scam.
  • WebRanking has made an honest and sincere attempt to understand this scam, connect as many of the details together as possible, and make this information available in it’s true form.

    However, only Google has the data regarding the true identities of AdSense publishers, Blogspot account holders, fraudulent visitors’ IP addresses and the parties whom benefit financially from this fraud.

    If you believe that you may have been a victim of click-fraud through the Google Display Network that resulted in fraudulent leads, please contact Google directly.

    Leads for top level, well known brands, at least for our boutique search agency, don’t come around every day. Or even every month for that matter. And when they do, they usually don’t fill out the “Free Consultation” request form.

    And you certainly don’t get 9 in a one week time period.

    In The Beginning…

    Sep 23

    Ignite Portland 9 Video | Sabotage: The Movie

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    As proud sponsors of Ignite Portland 9 we were tasked with creating a 30 second promotional video to be played during the event’s intermission at the Bagdad theater. Our original idea was to create a 70’s stylized buddy cop movie trailer with my 1 year old son, but when the “Lil’ Dictator” was more inclined to eat the fake mustache than he was to wear it, we decided to go in a new direction.

    While only one of WebRanking’s “two bad brothers you know so well” were available for the filming of the trailer, Tony and I decided to move forward without the “one lone Beastie” and create our own version of Sabotage. While WebRanking certainly have no aspirations of leaving the Search Engine Marketing community after 12 ½ years in order to pursue film making, we did enjoy the process plus it gave me an excuse to sport a mustache for the past couple of months.

    The above video is the complete trailer, which is different from the 30 second teaser shown at Ignite Portland 9 and which can be viewed below.

    Jul 23

    Google Testing New “Related to” Sponsored PPC Ads Segmentation in SERPs?

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    Hummm. It is Friday afternoon so I guess this falls in line with the timing of most of Google’s tests and new feature roll outs, like when they tested their left side search tool on Friday, April 2nd that was Officially Launched on Thursday, May 6th or when they Tested Olympic Logos in Search Pages on Friday, February 19th.

    The following screen shot indicates that Google is testing a new “Related to” pay per click text ad segmentation format in the search results pages. While, IMO, these look a little out of place, they may actually function better for users to help identify ad groupings that may interest them.

    New Google Sponsored PPC Ads Segmentation Format

    New Google Sponsored PPC Text Ads Segmentation for Keyword: Local

    Jul 16

    Understanding Google AdWords Pay Per Click Keyword Match Types: Exact, Phrase, Broad, and +Modified +Broad

    by | July 16th, 2010 | Posted in Keyword Research, Pay Per Click | Comments (28)

    Google AdWords Logo

    Yes! It finally happened. Earlier this week, on July 14th, Google AdWords rolled out their new Broad Match Modifier (BMM) keyword matching option to all of their advertisers in the United States. Since BMM had previously only been available to AdWords advertisers in the UK and Canada, it’s release to US campaigns is something that has been eagerly awaited.

    Google AdWords New Broad Match Modifier - BMM

    When AdWords first announced the new modified broad keyword matching, they released an infographic to help marketers visually understand how BMM works and relates to existing match types. The infographic shows a very small set of examples of keyword matches that you can expect to have your text ads displayed for.

    New Pay Per Click Keyword Match Types

    After spending a month running and analyzing modified broad match keywords in a few Canadian AdWords campaigns, we developed a few matching techniques and initial bidding strategies that are represented in the following infograph. We feel that this is a better representation of the tiered levels of match type bidding, traffic potential and keyword matching. In particular we have expanded upon the new BMM match types with 3 possible levels of matching that we call: “Anchor Modified Broad Match“, “Dual Anchor Modified Broad Match“, and “Fully Modified Broad Match“.

    Google AdWords Pay Per Click Keyword Match Types: Exact, Phrase, Expanded Broad and Modified BMM (Broad Match Modifier)

    Google AdWords Pay Per Click Keyword Match Types: Broad, Anchor Modified, Dual Anchor, Full Modified, Phrase and Exact Match.

    Jun 23

    Google’s Keyword Broad Match Modifier: The AdWords PPC Targeting Savior

    by | June 23rd, 2010 | Posted in Keyword Research, Pay Per Click | Comments (16)

    First off, before I get into praising (below) the new Google AdWords’ Broad Match Modifier (BMM), let me state for the record that I have been extremely disappointed with Google’s “Expanded Broad Match” since it’s inception!

    Google AdWords


    Well, when Google AdWords first changed their normal Broad Match keyword targeting to this Expanded Matching option, I half jokingly referred to it as their new Pay Per Click “Money Algorithm”. This term seemed to fit very well because this “Mo-gorithm” took perfectly good broad keywords and corrupted their individual intent by algorithmically matching them to many different words for the sake of displaying higher bidded terms over many queries, thus inflating competition for search impressions and causing AdWords advertisers to lose a substantial amount of control of their targeting capabilities.

    Here is an example of the loss of control and “Expanded Targeting” that Google’s current broad match triggers:

    Jun 15

    4 Father’s Day Tips for Being Successful in Social Media

    by | June 15th, 2010 | Posted in Social Media, Top 10 Lists | Comments (1)

    The Lil' Dictator

    The Lil' Dictator

    On September 13th 2009 Owen Matthew (a.k.a The Lil’ Dictator) was born and life as I knew it changed forever. You see I had become a father for the first time in my life and this momentous occasion spurred a huge change and maturation in me personally, forcing me to reprioritize my life, focus on my career and reduce the hours spent at the local brew pubs.

    I’ve only been a Dad now for a little over 9 months, but through this crash course called parenthood I’ve managed to pick up some solid life lessons that are applicable not only to fatherhood, but also to my day job as a social media marketer (and addict). With Father’s Day right around the corner, I thought I’d share the 4 things that Fatherhood has taught me about being successful in Social Media.

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