Jan 31

Google, what the (bleep) are you doing?

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Google announced its new privacy policy last week – it was immediately met with Congressional concern, fire and brimstone from privacy advocates and some good old fashioned ribbing on Twitter from none other than Steve Martin (yeah, THE wild and crazy guy). This was just another dark cloud in a growing storm of concern regarding the Mountain View search giant.

Jan 18

WebRanking Protests SOPA and PIPA

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WebRanking Protests Pipa & SOPA

You may have noticed that things on our website are a little darker than normal today. Rest assured, WebRanking is not going through an EMO phase, but we have joined in solidarity with over 7,000 other websites in protest of the SOPA & PIPA acts. By going dark, we are hoping to collectively raise awareness against these bills, as we believe they would give the government strong censorship tools that could be used to inhibit free speech.

While we do believe that it is important to fight copyright infringement, we don’t believe these bills are the way to do it. And we are not alone…

Jan 12

Bing Testing a New Media Bar on the Homepage

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Likely in advance of the upcoming Windows 8, Bing.com appears to be testing a new bar on the home page below the image. I first saw the new homepage on Tuesday, January 10th when I opened Internet Explorer 9. We opened Bing in different browsers, and on different machines, and did not see the new layout. Much like when we see something new on Google, we usually only see it in one browser. Well, I saw it for just 2 days, and now it’s back to the regular homepage. My guess is that they had it up for CES, where they were showing off tablets that were running Windows 8.

Side by Side comparison of the previous version of Bing's Homepage and the test version.

Side-by-Side comparison of the Bing.com Homepage.

Dec 21

The 2011 SEM Wish List

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2011 SEM Wish List

Hello and Welcome!

It’s the holidays, and we at WebRanking have spent a little time recently reflecting and appreciating what 2011 has brought us. From our great colleagues, both new and old, to our great clients, both new and old, we feel incredibly blessed to work in this amazing industry and eagerly look forward to what 2012 has in store.

But just because we are happy with 2011, it doesn’t mean we are getting complacent. With that, we bring you the 2011 SEM Wish List!

This year’s search engine marketing wish list contains almost 200 wishes, wants, desires and must-haves from over 30 esteemed search marketing professionals. SEM topics covered range from SEO and PPC, to Web Analytics and Social Media. Some of our SEM’s biggest wishes were regarding AdWords Ad Extensions and Search Partners, greater adCenter Admin and UI improvements, and of course, for Google to give search marketers back their (not provided) keyword data!

We hope you enjoy!

Wish List Topics

Search Engine Marketing (13)
Social Media (5)
Pay Per Click (9)
Google AdWords (100)
Microsoft adCenter (31)
Google Analytics (24)
Holiday Extras (7)

Nov 28

WebRanking is proud to sponsor the 2011 PSU Digital Marketing Conference

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2011 Digital Marketing Conference

PSU's Digital Marketing Conference

If there are two things the crew at WebRanking love (there are, and more than 2 in fact) then it’s a great conference and an equally impressive party. Which is why, when the opportunity presented itself to be this year’s Wrap Party sponsor for Portland State’s Digital Marketing Conference, we couldn’t say no.

Two days of keynote speakers, presentations by Portland business leaders, boot camps, networking, Ignite styled speakers, digital marketing knowledge…and a wrap up soiree at Nel Centro? Yes, please!

And since this is the holidays, why not share in the festivities? That’s why we are giving away one Digital Marketing conference pass ($275 value)

Nov 02

2012 Search Marketing Agenda Presentation from Star Tribune’s Small Business Search Marketing Summit

by | November 2nd, 2011 | Posted in Conferences and Seminars, Minnesota Events | Comments Off on 2012 Search Marketing Agenda Presentation from Star Tribune’s Small Business Search Marketing Summit

I had the honor of speaking at the Star Tribune’s 2011 Small Business Search Marketing Summit on Wednesday November 2nd at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Here is the Slideshare from my presentation entitled “2012 Search Marketing Agenda: What Every Small Business Needs to Know”. I hope you enjoy it!

View this this presentation or other presentations from WebRanking on Slideshare.net

Oct 07

James to present at the Small Business Search Marketing Summit 2011

by | October 7th, 2011 | Posted in Conferences and Seminars, Minnesota Events | Comments Off on James to present at the Small Business Search Marketing Summit 2011

Small Business Search Marketing Summit in Minneapolis

Small Business Search Marketing Summit in Minneapolis

WebRanking is proud to announce that our very own James Svoboda will be a featured speaker at the 2011 Small Business Search Marketing Summit presented by the Star Tribune on November 2 at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. James will be joining Sam Richter, the bestselling author on search and reputation, along with Leslie Gibson, a senior consultant with Nina Hale Search to discuss search marketing, reputation management and other advanced strategies for marketing your small business online.

Sep 13

WebRanking Sponsors WordCamp Portland 2011

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WordCamp Portland Sponsors

WordCamp Portland Sponsors

Love WordPress? We do! This is why we are a proud sponsor of WordCamp Portland, being held September 17th and 18th at the Eliot Center in downtown Portland.

What’s WordCamp you ask? WordCamp is a conference (actually it is an “un-conference”) that focuses on everything WordPress. This is an informal, community-organized event for casual users and core developers to participate in and share ideas.

As a sponsor, we want to offer you an opportunity to attend this weekend’s event for free.

Sep 08

Bing.com Refreshes Homepage, Launches New Layout (Not HTML5 Yet)

by | September 8th, 2011 | Posted in Search Engines | Comments (1)

I’m sure there are plenty of you who are too excited for the NFL Kickoff 2011 to notice any small changes over at Bing.com. Or maybe you are celebrating the new football season by playing some Tecmo Super Bowl (I highly recommend this one).

Well we’ll have none of those fun and games here at WebRanking. Only serious business for us, and today I’m here to write about Bing, and the subtle new changes to their homepage. This may or may not just be in preparation for their expected HTML 5 homepage, either way, it’s a nice change. Especially for those of you who didn’t know there was a way to actually find out what the image you were looking at actually was. Oh yes, there certainly was.

Bing Redesigns Home page, Launches New Format

Bing.com Refreshes Homepage, Launches New Layout

Aug 11

OTLA Using Social Media Links & Resources

by | August 11th, 2011 | Posted in Conferences and Seminars, Social Media | Comments (1)
Oregon Trial Lawyers Association - OTLA Logo

At the OTLA Annual Convention 2011 - The Oregon Trial Lawyers Association

I recently had the privilege to speak at the Oregon Trial Lawyers Association (OTLA) 2011 Annual Convention in Bend, OR in a session titled “Using Social Media: Marketing and Messaging”. My dear friend Beth Bernard partnered me with David Sugerman, an attorney with a notable body of work practicing in Portland, Oregon.

We had great discussion that referenced many social media websites and features that can be highly beneficial to independent attorneys and large law firms alike. The following is a list of websites and resources referenced during the session that has been expanded to include additional items worth consideration for expanding and engaging an online audience.

  • SEMpdx Board Member

    Board Member
  • MNSearch Board Member
  • Boost CTR Best PPC blogs
  • Techipedia Best of 2010
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