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Digital Marketing Update – May 2016

This month is filled with top news stories and insights from the world of digital, upcoming events, a new Stat of the Month, and conferences we’ll be participating at.


It all starts here!

WebRanking News

Opinions Matter

WebRanking’s James Svoboda and Paul Kragthorpe were in Philadelphia last month for HeroConf. James presented on Landing Page Optimization and was later interviewed by Bing, getting his opinions on the converence. Watch the video.

James Svoboda Bing Interview at Hero Conf 2016

See what Paul literally takes away from conferences:

48+ Takeaways from HeroConf Philadelphia 2016

Upcoming Conferences


James is also speaking at SMX Advanced in Seattle on Thursday, June 23rd. SMX Advanced is one of the best events for SEO & SEM. Save 10% with partner code:smxfriend10adv

More Information


The whole WebRanking crew will be attending the 3rd annual MnSearch Summit in Minneapolis on June 24th.

More Information

Seasonal Trends & Events

A quick peek at what’s trending now and in the near future that you might want to start planning for.

Summer Officially Begins

Do you have any official summer sales that you need to prepare for? Make sure to let us or your marketing team know. Let’s all have the best summer ever!

Father’s Day

Hey mother’s aren’t the only important ones! We dad’s get some praise too. So don’t forget about your Father’s Day sales and more importantly, don’t forget to call your dad on June 19th!

Marketing Stat of the Month

Google Ad 4-pack now shown for 23% of all online search topics

Google has been testing changes to its search engine results page (SERP) layout for quite some time. Searches indicating purchase intent are six times more likely than all other searches to display this four-pack of ads.

This means customer intent is clearly important and something we at WebRanking pay close attention to. Learn More »


Top Marketing Stories from Around the Web

Continuing to Make the Web More Mobile Friendly

Last year, Google started using mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal on mobile searches. As a result, we recommended, or manually updated most of our clients to mobile friendly websites.

If your website is still not mobile-friendly, now’s the time to take it seriously.
Read more »

Mobile Friendly

What are featured snippets and how do I get them?

A featured snippet is a summary of an answer to a user’s query, which is displayed on top of Google search results. It’s extracted from a webpage, and includes the page’s title and URL. Find out how to get them »

Move beyond last click attribution in AdWords

People often see many ads across different devices before making a purchase, booking a flight, or signing up for an account. Because of this, advertisers know that last click attribution may not always tell the full story. Go beyond the last click »

Google Increases Width of Main Search Results Column

Google has significantly increased the width of the column in the main search results column, impacting everything Google displays in that column.
Learn More about Wider SERPs »

Client Spotlight

Island Resort & Casino

WebRanking has been working with the team at Island Resort & Casino Since March, 2013. We have managed their SEO, PPC, and Social campaigns. An awesome client to work with.

They’re working hard on getting their new Drift Spa opened, and we’re currently helping out with a redesign of their Sweetgrass Golf Club website.

If you should have any questions about anything in this post, or any needs you’d like to discuss, please don’t hesitate to contact Chris Lister(503) 653.6134.

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