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Digital Marketing Update – March 2016

This month is filled with top news stories and insights from the world of digital, upcoming events, a new Stat of the Month, and conferences we’ll be participating at.


Shall we continue?

WebRanking News

Happy Birthday to Us!

Not sure if you’ve heard the rumors, but WebRanking can officially vote in 2016! We are celebrating our 18th year as a company! We couldn’t have done it without our clients trusting in the skills that we bring, and the results we deliver, year after year. So thank you!

18th Birthday

Upcoming Conference

HeroConf Philadelphia

James is speaking at HeroConf in Philadelphia on Monday, April 25th. Hero Conf is the world’s largest all PPC event.

More Information

Seasonal Trends & Events

A quick peek what’s trending now and in the near future that you might want to start planning for.

April Fool’s Day

Get the marketing pranks ready! There are some great examples of people taking advantage of April 1st to get their brand noticed. What will you do?

April is Tax Season

Just like we want to make sure our marketing efforts are delivered on time, let’s not forget to file those taxes on time as well! April 18th, 2016 is the day this year.

Marketing Stat of the Month

Content is Still King

In a poll conducted to accompany the ClickZ Intelligence Digital Trends report, 24.6% of respondents identified content marketing as the key trend for their company in 2016.

Thanks to Google’s growing insistence on quality content, it has become a key SEO tactic, so much so that many SEO agencies have rebranded to emphasise their content marketing expertise. Learn More »

content marketing

Digital News from Around the Web

Forecasting and Foreshadowing Content Needs through Research, Analysis and Planning

James’ presentation from the joint partnership search marketing workshop for MnSearch and MWMC in Minneapolis on February 24th. It’s a playful look at content research, ideation and process. Read more »


The Penguin in the room: what to do until Google rolls out its latest update

Google is supposedly going to roll Penguin 4.0 out in the imminent future. Everyone expected the monolithic tech company to launch the update in 2015, but the holidays delayed it to 2016. WebRanking is watching closely to see if it’ll affect any of our clients. Find out more »

Google Kills Right-Hand Side Ads:  What it means for marketers and users

There are now four paid search results at the top, with nothing on the right. This change affects SEO and PPC. Find out how »

Conversion Rate Optimization: Scent Trail or Primrose Path

It’s in your best interest to design an experience for site visitors that makes an impression consistent with the messages that brought them there — one that directs them to where they want to go and that creates a navigation structure that helps them accomplish their task efficiently. Read more »

12 Search Terms Local Business Owners Should Know

This article covers some of the basic search and website terms that can help local business owners communicate with marketing staff, consultants, and website designers more effectively. Learn More »

Client Spotlight

All Surface Cleaning

All Surface Cleaning is probably the best roof cleaning company in the US. But we may be biased in saying so.

WebRanking has had the pleasure of working with Tom for over 3 years. We manage SEO, PPC, and have managed their Social campaigns. Tom has 2 other main sites that we manage, All Surface Roofing, All Pest Control Company. Tom has been an wonderful client to work with.

Since we’re heading into Spring, we’re sure Tom would like us to remind you to to clean out those gutters!

“The breadth of services and their awareness of a wide variety of SEO strategies and media have proven to be quite helpful and refreshing. The WebRanking team has always been on the cutting edge of their profession and are true industry leaders.”
– Tom Dieringer, President

If you should have any questions about anything in this post, or any needs you’d like to discuss, please don’t hesitate to contact Chris Lister(503) 653.6134.

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