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Digital Marketing Update – January 2018

Time to get those erasers ready, it’s now 2018. That’s right, for the first few days of the month, you’ll keep on writing 2017, but you’ll have to either erase that or scribble over it…don’t act like that’s not true!

In this month’s digital update, we look at some of the Top Marketing Stories of 2017, Net Neutrality, Big Data, and more.


Start your resolutions here, with us!

Marketing Stat of the Month

Americans Love Mobile…Apps!

The average U.S. consumer spends a whopping 5 hours a day on these devices. Browser share on mobile, which has been steadily declining, is now only 8%, down from 9% in Q4 2015. Apps continued to reign supreme as time spent in browsers faded.

stat chart


It might be time to develop that app you’ve been waiting on!

Seasonal Trends & Events

A quick look at what’s trending now and what’s coming up in the near future that you might want to start planning for.

Happy New Year! Bring it on 2018!

Time to start, and stop, some New Year’s resolutions! Will you resolve to start up some Google AdWords campaigns? How about some Facebook Remarketing Ads? Whatever you do, do it with a bang!


We resolve to help you out if you need it! Just let us know if you do.

Bonus Trivia Question: True or False The New Year’s Eve Ball first dropped over 110 years ago (Keep reading for the solution)

Top Marketing Stories from Around the Web

PPC 2017: Epic Review of the Biggest Trends & Updates in Paid Search

There wasn’t a big change that dominated the landscape like enhanced campaigns of 2013 or expanded text ads of 2016, but multiple trends created an atmosphere of constant, incremental change this year. View the Trends and Developments »


Going organic: Our top SEO columns of 2017

Search engine optimization saw another exciting year as readers consumed content on everything from video optimization tips to research on the latest ranking factors. What Changed? »

F.C.C. Repeals Net Neutrality Rules

The Federal Communications Commission voted on Thursday, December 14th, to dismantle rules regulating the businesses that connect consumers to the internet, granting broadband companies the power to potentially reshape Americans’ online experiences. How This Could Impact You »

Google Now Recommends Longer Meta Descriptions for New Longer Snippets

Google confirmed they are rolling out longer search snippets, but they also said via Danny Sullivan that you do not need to, nor should you, update your meta descriptions to support the longer search results snippets. Should You Update? »

Big data and how to use it: Our top 10 Analytics & Conversion columns for 2017

In this roundup of the analytics topics that caught our audience’s interest this year, you’ll find techniques for utilizing sophisticated tools, as well as tips for landing page success and effective ad targeting. View the Roundup »

20+ Real Conversations with Web Design & Development Clients from Hell

While WebRanking is fortunate to work with amazing clients and partners, not every agency does. Here are 20+ Real Tough Conversations others have had. A nice reminder of how good we’ve got it. See the Convos »

Marketing 101

Digital Marketing is constantly evolving. Each month we’ll introduce you to a new and trending Internet Marketing topic, providing our insights while hopefully answering your questions along the way.

Ranking your local business part 5: Citations for local search

In this series, David Mihm will go over the various aspects that contribute to your local rankings.

This is the fifth post in an 8-part series on how to rank your business for local searches at Google. Previously, I’ve listed the most important aspects that influence your local ranking, discussed how to get the most out of Google My Business, covered best practices for on-site optimization, and given you some ideas for building inbound links. Here, I’ll focus on another core local search ranking factor: building citations for your business. Learn why and how to do that!

Continue Reading “Ranking Your Local Business Part 5” »


WebRanking News

We Completed Our 6th Annual Toy Drive

Our Portland and Minneapolis team members will soon be participated in our annual holiday toy drive. This is a WebRanking tradition where we visit a local small business toy store and select donations that go directly to local Toys for Tots organizations.

In Oregon, Tony & Chris once again took over their own local toy store Oodles 4 Kids in Sellwood.


In Minnesota, we did our shopping at our favorite local toy store ABC & Toy Zone in Chanhassen!

Together we amassed over 100 gifts for kids this year. That brings our grand totals to over 1,000 toys donated to date!

MnSearch Summit


The MnSearch Summit is a full-day event consisting of learning from industry thought leaders delivering the most forward-thinking digital strategies and tactics.

James Svoboda is the acting Vice President for MnSearch and the rest of the WebRanking crew will definitely be there. Pre-Keynote Registration is open now. Save big by registering early!

Register Now »

Client Spotlight


We’re proud to be working with Dr. Alec Khlebopros of Proactive Chiropractic providing Search Engine Optimization services for him.

With over 10 years of experience, Dr. Alec helps care for patients with back pain, neck pain, headaches, knee pain, shoulder pain, foot pain, whiplash, etc.

If you’re in the Charlotte, NC area and have any body pain, check out Dr. Alec at today!

Bonus Trivia Answer: TRUE. While the tradition of a Times Square New Year’s Eve celebration dates back to 1904, the ball was not dropped at this event until 1907, according to Times Square’s website. The first Ball weighed 700 pounds and had a diameter of 5 feet. It was constructed out of wood and iron, and had one hundred light bulbs on it. (source)

If you should have any questions about any of the articles or topics in our newsletter, or if you have any digital marketing needs or questions that you would to discuss, please don’t hesitate to contact Chris Lister at [email protected] or call (503) 653.6134. We look forward to hearing from you.

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