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Digital Marketing Update – December 2016

As 2016 nears the finish line, we want to thank our clients, colleagues, partners and newsletter readers for helping make this year another success. We wish you the happiest of holidays and look forward to all that 2017 has in store!

In this month’s digital update, we look at new Google Analytics spam, the future of content marketing, growth hacking, and more..

Digital Marketing Update December 2016

Let’s make like a present and wrap this year up!

Marketing Stat of the Month

Blogging is Important

We preach it to just about all of our clients, you need more content. Blogging about topics of importance to your business audience is a great way to add supporting content to your website. We don’t recommend doing it “just because.” As it turns out companies with blogs get 97% more inbound links than others.


If you need help blogging, or just want to get started, contact us.

Seasonal Trends & Events

A quick look at what’s trending now and what’s coming up in the near future that you might want to start planning for.

Happy Christmahanakwanzika!

Whatever you call the celebration you do this year, we wish you nothing but the best. And if your celebration also happens to mean Holiday sales, then we wish you would have told us sooner!

We kid. But seriously, if you have any last-minute marketing efforts, let us know and we’ll get on them before the clock strikes midnight on December 31st.

Mind the Holiday Dip

For our B2B clients and anyone in the B2B space reading this, we want to give you a heads up that with Christmas and New Year’s coming up, expect to see a dip in traffic.

We would also like to encourage you to find a resolution you can stick to! We’re going with “working out” ourselves…

60% of the time, it works every time!

Top Marketing Stories from Around the Web

New wave of referrer spam wrecking Google Analytics data

In November, we saw a lot of referral traffic in our clients Google Analytics data. Luckily for our clients, Paul Kragthorpe has already taken steps to combat / prevent it. For those that want to know more, read on as Jonathan Hochman explains how referral spam happens, lays out methods to combat it and suggests potential solutions for Google’s consideration. Read More »


Why good SEO is Strategic

To many on the upper rungs of the corporate ladder, ‘SEO’ is still a geeky term whose effects are considered to be marginal, rather than central to the company’s marketing efforts. Why This Needs to Change »

The Future of Content Marketing: Experts Share Content Predictions for 2017

In order for us to look to the future of content marketing, we have to take a critical look at the past and present. See the Predictions »

Yahoo introduces ‘Answers Now’ app, but will users respond?

The promise of sites like Yahoo Answers is that you’ll get a very specific response to your very specific question. Find Out More »

5 Growth Hacking Case Studies From Amazing Startups

Startup marketing can be a challenging journey, especially if you are starting from scratch. With so many digital channels to invest in and thousands of experts offering you multiple strategies, it is hard to make an informed decision. View the Studies »

Moz Local gains Yelp listing management capabilities

Brands and SMBs will be able to claim and manage data and content for all of their Yelp listings through Moz Local.  Learn More »

Marketing 101

Digital Marketing is constantly evolving. Each month we’ll introduce you to a new and trending Internet Marketing topic, providing our insights while hopefully answering your questions along the way.

Growing Popularity & Links

For search engines that crawl the vast metropolis of the web, links are the streets between pages. Using sophisticated link analysis, the engines can discover how pages are related to each other and in what ways. Let’s head to Moz’s “Beginners Guide to SEO” to learn more.


WebRanking News

WebRanking’s 5th Annual Holiday Toy Drive


Our Portland and Minneapolis team members participated in our annual holiday toy drive. This is a WebRanking tradition where we visit a local small business toy store and select donations that go directly to local Toys for Tots organizations.

Read about the Toy Drive »

Engage Conference (Formerly SearchFest)


James will be presenting at Engage Conference on March 9, 2017 in Portland, Oregon on pay per click.

Register Today »

Client Spotlight

Titika Active Couture™

WebRanking just recently started working with the team at Titika Active Couture™ in October. We manage their Facebook remarketing and Google Shopping campaigns as well as provide onsite Conversion Rate Optimization.

Titika is having huge sales for the holidays. Any women readers or anyone looking for something to buy a woman in your life, check out

If you should have any questions about any of the articles or topics in our newsletter, or if you have any digital marketing needs or questions that you would to discuss, please don’t hesitate to contact Chris Lister at [email protected] or call (503) 653.6134. We look forward to hearing from you.

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