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Boardman Tree Farm in Boardman, Oregon

At WebRanking, we are proud of our home states. We love it when Oregon and Minnesota get a little outside recognition!

Today Bing featured Oregon on their homepage and a somewhat eerie Tree Farm in Boardman, OR: Homepage 2017-02-10 - Boardman Tree Farm in Boardman Oregon Homepage February 10th, 2017 – Boardman Tree Farm in Boardman, Oregon

The synopsis from the search page gives us a little background on this ghostly farm.

Beginning in 1990, the hybrid poplars grown at the Boardman Tree Farm provided a mesmerizing—and inviting, to some—roadside attraction on Highway 84 in eastern Oregon. The farm’s neatly organized 25,000 acres provided lumber for furniture, veneer wood, and pulp. In 2016 the farm was sold, with a third of it to be converted into a dairy farm, while the remaining land is already being cleared for corn and potato farming. While the tree farm still stood, it was compelling enough to locals that the company that owned the farm started arranging tours of the evenly spaced woods.

The Search Pages that the Info Boxes link to also have some added content tailored specifically to the days page. Homepage SERP 02-10-2017 - Boardman Tree Farm in Boardman Oregon

Bing Homepage SERP 2017-02-10 – Boardman Oregon

I particularly like the interactive portions of these pages such as the Info Box and Search Page, and depending on the content, Quiz, Audio and Video. Click the image to go to the next question in the quiz. Homepage Quiz 2017-02-10 - Boardman Tree Farm in Boardman Oregon

Bing Homepage Quiz, 02-10-2017

Search Engines are often be seen as minimalist and boring with their slimmed-down search box centric homepages, 10 blue links and flat grey website descriptions. (this is true) I appreciate that Bing adds a little bit of freshness to its homepage with a new focus each day. Especially compared to… Homepage - Boooring!


I hope you find Bing’s daily homepage refreshing as I do!

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