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Bing and Twitter Sitting in a Tree

In an effort to get a leg up on Google when it comes to real time search, Bing has started integrating real time Twitter messages into their search results. According to their official blog, Bing will now provide results from a handful of the more “prominent and prolific Twitterers” coming from a wide range of spheres.

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When you search for these individuals in Bing (try “Danny Sullivan tweets”, “@algore”, or “Shanselman twitter” for an example) you will see their latest Twitter updates in addition to a link that will take you directly to their Twitter page.

Bing Results for @AlGore

Bing Results for @AlGore

This new feature is rolling out slowly today, so if you don’t see the results now, you will later. It will be interesting to see how these results are expanded in the future and if this new feature will allow Bing to grab more market share from Google, which does not currently provide this ability.

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  • James | July 02, 2009

    Microsoft also has the Bing Community ( where you can have an account tied into your Windows Live ID. It should be a fairly easy for them to also tie in other RSS feeds from associated sources that could be pulled for people and branded searches alike. Maybe that will be in Bing 2.0?

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