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A Superior Road Trip

WebRanking was on the road again in October as we headed to the land of hockey, maple syrup and the Mounted Police for a visit with our good friends at Superior Glove.

A stop at Superior Glove's headquarters.

A stop at Superior Glove’s headquarters.

Superior has been a client for well over a decade, so our trip up there is always more than just a client visit, it is a chance to meet up with old friends. While our trip was short, we were able to meet face to face with the newest members of their growing internal marketing team, while also going over campaign results, strategies and a detailed review of the structure and design of their new website.

It always feels good to see a client succeed and grow, especially when you know you’ve played a part in that growth. While Superior is certainly benefiting from a very successful digital marketing campaign, their success is founded in their exceptionally made work gloves and personal protection equipment.


It is also their dedication to their employees, successfully being named as one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies 4 years in a row, that sets them apart from the competition.

In addition to our meeting with Superior, staying in downtown Toronto we enjoyed rooting on the Toronto Blue Jays during the American League championship with a bunch of rowdy Jay’s fans at a local Toronto sports bar.

However, the highlight of our free time was our visit to the Hockey Hall of Fame. Any time you get a chance to touch Lord Stanley’s Cup, it is a special time. Plus, Paul and I may have found our second calling, if this digital marketing thing doesn’t work out. Look for us hosting the 1am to 4am SportsCenter hosting slot on ESPN 8 – the Ocho.

Lord Stanley's Cup

Lord Stanley’s Cup

The newest SportsCenter anchor...

The newest SportsCentre anchor…

A big thank you to Joe, Julie and the entire Superior Marketing team for another great trip. We look forward to seeing everybody again next year.


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